Pagerank tips

People said its work, so lets try. Go to Choose pages 365 older and find comments of those stories and take a look. You will see high page rank pages, most of them PR4 and up.... What we have to do now is make a comment and post your url like this That's it. Our link is now ... launched..

Well this is my 3rd site. I know I still need to improve it further. That is why I am so busy these days. My site is a affiliate business type and most of the content are publishing other's ebooks. Any thoughts, suggestions? I appreciate any constructive input. Thanks

Paypal and clickbank – the set back.

Gezzz.. I've studied most of the internet marketing programs, I knew already what is adsense, amazon, ebay, PLR, MRR, niches, dropship, squeeze page, bla bla bla.. and woww what I can say here, there are many ways to make money on the net. To be honest I've read almost 100 ebooks (free and paid) err mostly got ...

Internet Acronyms Dictionary

The text messaging shorthand commonly used wherever people get online such as in chat rooms, games, forum or blog. These are just a few of them. ROFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing LOL Laughing out Loud, Lots of Laughs OMG Oh my God OMFG Oh my F*cking God LMAO Laughing My Ass Off WTF What The F*ck WTH What The Hell TTYL Talk ...

Apa itu RSS feed..

Kali ni aku nak kongsi satu website icon iaitu RSS, bagaimana dan kenapa kita perlu guna RSS ini untuk subscribe content blog atau website yang menjadi kegemaran kita. Macam biasa, aku akan gunakan bahasa kampung sahaja. This posting will be presented in Malay language, those who cant understand Malay, you can search elsewhere. Otai-otai tumpang ...

How to embed YouTube videos to a WordPress blog

When I tried embedding video from YouTube in my previous posts it didn?t work. It messed up my blog. So I started searching on Google and found several tutorials and tips, still had troubles with some of them, but after a few attempts I got it right. We cannot just paste the embed code to the ...

How much is your blog worth?

My blog is worth $10,726.26. How much is your blog worth? Have you wondered ? Mine is $10,726.26 .. OK lah if I convert to Ringgit Malaysia I got RM40K.. Data from Technorati and inspired by research from Tristan Louis. Photo CC by Cmiper.

Cara-cara install Filezilla – Malay Version


FileZilla is a free and open FTP program yang boleh digunakan untuk meng'upload files from your computer to your website?s host. Kenapa kita menggunakan FTP program, sebab kita nak upload static pages, images, and other information yang kita nak store dalam website kita. Contoh paling mudah sekiranya kita nak upload wordpress theme yang baru. OK seperti biasa, ...