Mecca Cube vs Apple Cube

These photos were spread on the net last year.

In the business area of midtown ManHattan in New York a new bar is opened in the named of Apple Mecca which is similar to Kaaba Mecca. The muslims of New York are pressurizing Govt of USA to not open this bar.


It takes so little to upset the Muslims…

On October 10, 2006, an Islamic website posted a message alerting Muslims to what it claims is a new insult to Islam. According to the message, the cube-shaped building which is being constructed in New York City, on Fifth Avenue between 58th and 59th Streets in midtown Manhattan, is clearly meant to provoke Muslims.

The fact that the building resembles the Ka’ba (see picture below), is called “Apple Mecca,” is intended to be open 24 hours a day like the Ka’ba, and moreover, contains bars selling alcoholic beverages, constitutes a blatant insult to Islam. The message urges Muslims to spread this alert, in hope that “Muslims will be able to stop the project.” – MEMRI.

apple4.jpg apple3.JPG
Picture before Apple 5th Ave store was unveiled to the public…

The only problem is that the project is finished, and the actual building doesn’t look like the Ka’ba at all, unless all cube-shaped structures.
The real thing in New York – source




“We regret that the comments of these independent bloggers have offended anyone,” said Apple spokesman Steve Dowling. “The entrance is not an attempt to resemble the Kaaba.”

Other story of Ka’bah

What is inside the Ka’bah?
Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi is the president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). He had the opportunity to go inside the Kaba in October 1998. In an interview with Sound Vision, he described the following features:

- there are two pillars inside (others report 3 pillars)
- there is a table on the side to put items like perfume
- there are two lantern-type lamps hanging from the ceiling
- the space can accommodate about 50 people
- there are no electric lights inside
- the walls and the floors are of the marble
- there are no windows inside
- there is only one door
- the upper inside walls of the Kaba were covered with some kind of curtain with the Kalima written on it.



The Size of the Ka`bah:
The height of the Ka`bah is 39 feet, 6 inches and total size comes to 627 square feet.
The inside room of the Ka`bah is 13×9 meters.
The Ka`bah walls are one meter wide.
The floor inside is 2.2 meters higher than the place where people perform Tawaf.
The ceiling and roof are two levels made out of wood.
They were reconstructed with teak which is capped with stainless steel.
The walls are all made of stone. The stones inside are unpolished, while the ones outside are polished.