And the most beautiful camel is…

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The pageant is organized by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage to remind people of their heritage. News source.

This is the International Camel Beauty Contest in Abu Dhabi, the Arab world’s Crufts. More than 15,000 of the animals compete in the eight-day event for the coveted title of the most attractive camel in the world. :)

The prizes ranging from brand-new Range Rovers and Toyota pick-ups to more than $10 million (?5 million) in cash. Wow …

  • waliz
    April 11, 2008

    how beautiful also its still smelly..hehehe

  • eddyra
    April 11, 2008

    10 bottles of parfume used la waliz..

  • firdaus
    April 11, 2008

    unta bucuk2
    saya suka mata unta.mata stim je…..heheh

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